Top Minecraft Upcoming Features

Top Minecraft Upcoming Features

Top Minecraft Upcoming Features on Blog

Minecraft fans can’t wait to see new items developers promised to us. Minecraft Upcoming features are going to be great, and we all know that. But among all the new benefits players will receive, there are five that will blow your mind. They will not be released at the same time, so we have to wait for some of them longer than others.

What do we know about Minecraft's upcoming features?

While Minecraft Minecon 2019 is over, and Mojang employees are probably still busy with cleaning up all the glitter Nashville Municipal Auditorium, we can’t stop talking about the news. The show was great and huge, and millions of fans across the world could finally become a part of the event. Minecraft developers made numerous announcements, and some of them are hard to forget.

During Minecon, they told more about Minecraft's new update features, gave us new Minecraft Earth details, and showed Minecraft Dungeons intro. If you missed it, you missed everything. But, cheer up! You will see everything during the 2019-2020 period.

Cubic bees

Cubic minecraft bees

There are bees everywhere. It is considered to be one of the most exciting Minecraft upcoming features. It will happen in 2019, before the winter holidays. Don’t consider bees as beautiful objects only. Yes, they are cute, but they will start new mechanics as well. Bees are workaholics. So, flying from one flower to another, collecting nectar, they will drop pollen on crops across the game. Crops will grow, and everyone will be happy. Besides, there will be honey blocks added to the game.

Mountain update

During Minecon, it was discussed which biome from Minecraft PE new updates will become the most favorite. Developers even made a bet. They are still not sure whether it will be mountains, swamps, or badlands. During the first vote, it appeared that mountains are on top of this list. Players prefer mountains over any other location. We can’t blame them.

Mountains biome updates contain mobs, terrain generation, and mechanics. Minecraft team says that they were eager to make the snow snowier and added new snow terrain, improved sceneries, and provided new views. And among the new mobs, there will definitely be mountain goats. These changes are expected to be revealed at the beginning of 2020.

Nether Update

We all can agree that Nether dimension in Minecraft is in urge for updates. So, when developers promised to add the numerous features and repaint it, we couldn’t be happier. There will be two new biomes in the Netherwart Forest with gigantic alien mushrooms towering up in the darkness, and Soulsand Valley of Nether, famous for its prehistoric skeletons on totally hostile territory.

During Minecraft Minecon, developers announced their plans to create another civilization called Piglins, at Nether. They are Pigmen who can barter gold for various items, and ignore players in golden armor. But you’d better not try to steal from them. These non-zombified Piglins know how to fight back. It is already known that they will hunt for the still unknown beast, whose name will be announced later.

Scripting tools are improved

Mojang decided to make scripting tools more advanced. It may not be relevant for players who simply want to play and relax. Still, programmers, marketplace developers, and IT nerds will appreciate the ability to improve mechanics and mess with Minecraft maps. You will be able to change blocks in the Minecraft world. For example, use TNT want and start building from scratch. So, you know what else to expect besides Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft Character Creator option

For now, Character Creator is the favorite tool of beta testers, available only to them. But it is going to be revealed in the game. You will be able to create your skin without additional learning of all the modeling and skin features. The game offers you a variety of cosmetics, costumes, and so on. According to Microsoft, you will be able to use 100 free items. There will also be premium options.

What do you want to see from Minecraft?

Minecraft developers work non-stop to gives us something new and special. In return, we give them all our free time and love. And while the main attraction of this year’s event was the Minecon Earth announcement, many of us can’t wait to see promised features. What updates are you waiting to see most of all? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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