TOP-10 God of War Tips to Help you Win the Game

TOP-10 God of War Tips to Help you Win the Game

TOP-10 God of War Tips to Help you Win the Game on Blog

Do you like to participate in Kratos adventures? If you answered ‘yes’, you are probably a fan of God of Wars. It is a third-perspective action game released in April 2018 by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The gameplay centers on astonishing and, at the same time, dangerous adventures of Kratos in the fictional world. Users can download the God of War game series on PS only. And for today, our team collected some alluring God of War tips that we want to share with you. If you want to know how to play this game more effectively, read on!

Tip #1: The best use of Atreus in combat

You know that the main character of the game, as well as the one you control, is Kratos. But few people know that there are times when you can also passively manage his son, Atreus. You can use him to learn more about the environment and for combat. Commonly, Atreus attacks the enemies and defenses from them with the help of bow and arrows. But in the future, he will be able to choke and call different magical attacks. Also, Atreus can improve his abilities over time, so we recommended to use Kratos' son as often as possible. For this, press the Square icon and target the aim.

Tip #2: Use Bestiary to get prompts

The developers left a lot of prompts to help you win the game inside the gameplay. One of them is Bestiary. You can find it in the Codex option. Here Atreus tells about the creatures you met during the journey. By the way, another plus to him! But it is not the end. The more you meet every creature, the more information your son can collect. For example, to figure out the weaknesses or the plan to beat them. Every time you do not know what to do with a certain enemy, just go to the Codex option, then, find the Bestiary and the creature. We advise you to read the information very attentively because very often the answer lies not on the surface.

Tip #3: You can change Runic attacks

Runic attacks - God of War

Runic attacks are powerful magical blasts of energy that Kratos owns. They help to defeat the enemy more quickly and not to lose a lot of health points. But one of the most spread players' mistakes is that they find one single favorite attack way and always use it. Therefore, when the players faced the enemy they can’t defeat with a Runic attack, they think that this option stopped working. It is not true! The option is working, you just need to change it. For example, when you have a lot of enemies you need to kill, you can use things with splash damage. But if you face the situation you don’t want to get too close to the enemy, you can use things with range, and so on and so forth. Choose what suits you the most and use it!

Tip #4: Use the Kratos’s stats to get useful insights

We recommend you to know how to read your character's statistics. Why? Because there are a lot of different insights that can help you during the gameplay. Some options are simple and easy to understand, like Strength and Defense. They show you the level of physical damage and the forms of damage the character will take perspectively. But besides these options, you can find Runic, Vitality, Luck, and Cooldown menu items. Learning what does each of them means can give you an advantage. For example, do you know that magic directly depends on how Runic and Cooldown abilities are developed?

Tip #5: Do not ignore the side missions

The PS4 God of War has main and side missions. A lot of players focus only on completing the main missions, but the truth is that if you want to pass the level faster, you need to complete the side missions too. This kind of missions can potentially get you more enhancements, armor, and upgrades that can help Kratos to complete the main missions. Remember that it is important to follow the Kratos’s stats results? The side missions allow you to improve your skills and, as a result, stats indicators.

Tip #6: How to get more Hacksilver

Hacksilver is the kind of in-game currency that allows you to craft, buy, and upgrade the gear. Therefore, the more Hacksilver yo have, the better your game results are. And here is one secret that will help you to earn more currency — smash anything. Ok, we know that it is an old fashioned way but if it still works, why not use it? Smash all that you meet on your way from crates and vases to big boxes and other large things. Also, keep in mind the hanging buckets. Of course, there are no chances to get a huge amount of Hacksilver, but even a small amount of money can one day help substantially. Remember that the chances to find a real treasure depend on Luck indicator.

Tip #7: Upgrade the armor wisely

In God of War, you can always spend the money to upgrade the armor. Here you can find two dwarves that will sell you the upgrades and armor. But be very careful! There is a trap! The dwarves have a huge amount of choices, and, usually, the players lose their heads and start to buy things that they do not even need. There is one tip that can help you to avoid such situations. Always look at the big ‘E’ icon. It shows you if something is equipped. If yes, you can bravely buy it, if no — leave this item and spend the money on something else. Do not buy things that do not improve your abilities immediately.

Tip #8: Do not be afraid to sell collectibles and old armor

We always advise double-checking the weapons you have. Do you use them? Are they effective? Are they helping you during the gameplay? If you answer ‘yes’ three times, it’s good — leave them. But if you said ‘no’ or even have some doubts with the answer — sell them. There are a lot of collectibles, and the more you play, the more collectibles you get. Obviously, you do not need all of them. You can always sell them and earn some amount of money. And buy something more useful instead. But always keep in mind the previous point — buy new things wisely!

Tip #9: Follow the aiming cursor

If you do not know how to defeat the enemy, you can always open Bestiary to learn more about them. But what you can do if you do not know what to do next? How to solve the puzzle? Where is the exit? Here is the secret — look at the aiming cursor. Remember we said that the developers leave a lot of prompts inside the game to help you win it? The cursor is one of them. It changes whenever it passes over anything you can break with the axe, or stick it in. Moreover, it becomes red when you pass it over any frozen Draugr you might encounter.

Tip #10: You can always come back to unsolved puzzles

God of War is an open-world game. It means that you can find the places, obstacles, and puzzles that you haven’t solved yet. Do not be afraid to leave them! You can come back later with improved abilities and armor and find the solution very fast. It also refers to the collectibles. Do not worry if you have something missing, you will have a chance to collect them later.

What are your favorite God of War cheats?

There was the list of our most favorite and useful cheats for God of War. Remember, you can use them only on PS4 because the God of War Xbox One version or versions for other platforms have not been released yet. Share your favorite tips in the comments below! Let’s discuss them together!

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