Everything to Know to Pre-order God of War 5: Rumors and Leaks

Everything to Know to Pre-order God of War 5: Rumors and Leaks

Everything to Know to Pre-order God of War 5: Rumors and Leaks on Blog

You may already start saving money to pre-order God of War 5.  And while there definitely was the time after God of War 3 when fans did not want to see the sequel to the story, believing this is the perfect end, God of War that appeared in 2018 made us all wonder what’s next. The series may differ from one game to another, but one thing was always the same: its choice of PlayStation console. It started with PS2. And 14 years after we see an award-winning PS4 God of War console version. Santa Monica Studio developers promise that God of War 5 will be epic. Follow our updates to be able to keep up with the recent news on God of War next game.

Game of The Year 2019: Something to Remember Before You Pre-order God of War 5

Technically God of War game for PS4 is the 4th game in the series. And it recently received a Game of the Year tag on its cover. God of War turned into a huge success for developers and made them think about the development of the story of immortal father and his relationship with his son. God of War kept to its roots. It has a similar combat system and incredible action speed.

Right after the release of the 4th game, Santa Monica developers revealed that they are seeking more professionals to join the company. One of the requirements was to be familiar with the God of War game. It made their intentions for the next part obvious. Launch of PS 5 in 2020 heated the rumors. Both fans and critics believe that Santa Monica could not simply miss this huge event, being no 1 PlayStation console admirer.

Consoles to Buy For God of War 5 Release

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We may not know much about the upcoming game, but we know how faithful God of War developers stay to PlayStation console. Of course, we all want to see God of War Xbox One, PC, or even mobile version. But their release is highly unlikely. Our best guess is that the next part of God of War, as so all the previous, will be released on PlayStation.

Which PlayStation? Being Sony’s subsidiary, Santa Monica Studio, unlikely it will miss the opportunity to reveal all the features of PS5. Critics expect to see the God of War 5th part on the 5th edition of PS console.

Release Date

There were no official announcements of the new God of War game. Neither Santa Monica nor Sony shared information on the upcoming release. And while they keep the date in secret, we can only mention several wild guesses.  We still hope to see the teaser that will give us any hints about the date of release.

Let’s go back to the PS4 version of God of War in 2018. It took 5 full years for developers to create and bring the product to the market. The head director Cory Barlog told in an interview that almost all of this time was spent on creating mechanics, testing and improving it. This time, the company does not need to change the engine. It has to optimize it for the new console and make up a story.

We are still hopeful. Barlog assured that he has plenty of ideas for the game. It is possible that the new plot is already in his head.

Santa Monica Developers on God of War 5

Talking about the God of War series, Barlog confessed that he has enough fresh ideas for five more games to release. Of course, after this statement, he explained on Twitter that there is no official plan for 5 games to come. While we don’t actually expect five games, we will be happy to receive at least one more and in the nearest future.

After the leak from Santa Monica during its job offering on the Senior Combat Designer position, we are more than sure that God of War 5 may happen with us in one or two years. It is very possible that while we are discussing whether the Mist Armor is the best armor God of War has to offer, Santa Monica developers argue about the release date.

The vacancy was opened in June 2019. It was necessary to know the God of War 18 combat system. And while the position is currently available, the line about God of War was removed. And we may suggest that either the position was already taken or developers do not want to start the rumors. But if you are not sure that God of War 5 will be there, just watch the God of War 2018 finale.

The Possible Plot

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The main question that we all want to ask: who is the god of war in the next game? In the last part, Baldur was defeated by Kratos during the final battle. After that, Kratos and his son Atreus travel to bury Kratos’ wife Faye’s ashes to Jotunheim. After the exhausting journey, they find out that Faye is not an ordinary housewife, but a giant Laufey. And Atreus, who is a son of god Kratos and Laufey, the giant, is Loki, half-god, and half-giant.

If you felt back then that your head would explode from these revelations, you may understand the confusion of Atreus. The young boy did nothing else except for constantly asking his father about his nature. Kratos either kept silence or tried to distract him with gibberish. Of course, it gave us hope that we would find out everything in the next part. We received lots of clues and no confirmation from developers. And Baldur’s death may start Ragnarok. If we stick to North mythology, death of The God of light Baldur starts the end of the gods' era. Have you seen the secret cut scene at the end? If no, go and see! In this scene, mighty Thor wants to confront Kratos.

What do You Expect?

All we know so far is that there is a time to save money to Pre-order God of War 5 and PS 5. We believe that 2020 is the year when we hear more from Santa Monica. While the last game was in development for 5 years, we don’t assume that the 5th part will come out tomorrow. Are you waiting for the next game as eagerly as we do? What do you expect to see in the next part? Share your predictions with us!

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