5 Best Slime Rancher Alternatives

5 Best Slime Rancher Alternatives

5 Best Slime Rancher Alternatives on Blog

Slime Rancher is one of the best indie games, a hybrid of a farm simulator and a space adventure, with bright extraterrestrial colors and lights and landscapes and creatures hard to imagine. Your heroine has inherited a slime ranch on a distant planet, and now she is exploring the world, taming the slimes, learning the art of farming, and admiring the unearthly life.

Sounds promising, right? But probably you have played it for so long that you could have written a Slime Rancher wiki on your own. The game is constantly developing, but if you want to play in the meanwhile (until they update Slime Rancher), you can explore the following titles.

Slime Battles

 Slime Battles game screenshot

If you liked the slimes most of all, this one is an alternative. In fact, slimes are the only thing it has in common with Slime Rancher. Everything else is different. The platform is iOS only, the visuals are intendedly retro, and the gameplay is rather Pokémon-like. The game is mostly about collecting your slimes and sending them to fight other players’ teams.

In this game, you collect your army of slimes by scanning barcodes provided within the game. These slimes get stronger when you train them in battles. Get items that make your slimes stronger. And, finally, challenge other players, either your friends or random users, in PvP battles.

There is almost nothing in common with the 3D experience of Slime Rancher. It’s a completely different game. But if you want an alternative, just to see what can be done to a slime game, this one will satisfy your curiosity. Anyway, comparing mobile and desktop games is not quite the correct thing to do. In addition, it’s free and compatible with old iDevices, and it requires very little space. So why not trying?

Viva Piñata

 Viva Piñata game screenshot

Though the setting is quite different, the feel of unusual farming in a colorful, strange world is just as strong in this festive extravaganza. In this world, piñatas have gone wild, as they found people’s attitude offensive (wouldn’t you?) So you play as a farmer girl who would take care of piñatas on some territory it owns. They do look as Mexican as can be, and their names travesty real animals, creating laughable combinations.

Despite visual differences, the games are very similar. There are trading elements, there are complicated relationships between different piñata species, and it’s like almost no other farming game. It’s compatible with Windows 10 (though developed for Xbox 360 initially), but there is no version for 8gen consoles, let alone the next generation. Still, it looks so much fresher than Slime Battles that they can’t even be compared.


Recettear game screenshot 

This game is not set in outer space; neither does it look as crazy as Viva Piñata. Still, the overall experience is so similar that it only lacks Slime Rancher slimes to deliver the same vibe. Instead, it offers elements from numerous subgenres of role-playing games, mixing them all into an organic cocktail.

Your character is similar to those above as well. It’s a girl who now has to run her family item store after a fairy came to her and exposed the new world. How about exploring dungeons and fighting monsters to find new items to sell? And what about some crafting – similar to slime-breeding, isn’t it?

The developers invested so much imagination into the project that it pays with long hours of gameplay, never repeating itself. The ideas within Recettear are very fruitful, making it switch from an ordinary store simulator to a mystical adventure.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

 FarmVille 2 game screenshot

If games like Slime Rancher mean unusual farming to you, then Farmville deserves its place on this list. It’s one of the most famous farming simulators, though way more conventional than Slime Rancher. There aren’t any extraterrestrial creatures: just earthly animals, plants and products you can get from them on your farm. Like most games of this sort, it’s free to play, but heavily involving microtransactions. With them, you can accelerate your progress and get yourself more facilities.

On the other hand, it looks quite modern in 3D graphics and delivers the feeling of a farming vacation from the big city. Otherwise, why would you need a virtual farm? Maybe for urban dwellers nowadays a real farm is just as well a place from a galaxy far, far away. So the space feel of Slime Rancher is replaced by its earthly analog with similar effect.

FarmVille 2 is released for most platforms today. You can play it on iOS or Android, and all the beauty of exotic landscapes and rare species is still preserved even on smaller screens. On desktops, it’s Facebook-based, just like its predecessor.


 Astroneer game screenshot

This one is probably the only one listed among Slime Rancher alternatives set in outer space; if that’s what you loved the most about Slime Rancher, then this is your choice. In Astroneer, you play as a space explorer discovering other planers and mining resources on them. And yes, these planets never look like the Earth: the colors are very dense, the stars are way brighter, and the grandeur of the space is even more impressive from a short distance.

Astroneer is advertised as a single-player sandbox, focused on exploration (another similarity). On the other hand, there are multiplayer modes, letting you take off for a journey with friends. Building mode was obviously made with Minecraft in mind, but the visual realization of it is much posher.

In addition, this game has quite low system requirements, and it will run even under Windows 7. There are console versions as well (if you prefer). It’s a special sort of fun to see the game evolve: the developers constantly add new features, so the game is built slowly before your eyes. If you purchase it now, you can see it grow even bigger.

Other Alternatives to Slime Rancher

It’s a very special game, so it’s hard to find its replacement that would completely fit the requirements. But there are ones that deliver partly similar feelings, so you will enjoy playing them. But maybe you know some more games like Slime Rancher. Name them in a comment, if you wish. It would be great.

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