10 PC Most Played Games This Winter

10 PC Most Played Games This Winter

10 PC Most Played Games This Winter on Blog

Winter 2020 is in the middle. And while it’s not as cold as could be (and somewhere it’s way too hot, sadly), it’s still the time for your CPUs and GPUs to warm you up with the heat they generate while you’re playing some heavy AAA title. Here are the top 10 most played PC games (according to Steam) this winter.

Of course, it only includes games legally bought on Steam, and it ignores other stores as well as pirated games. But still, it’s quite a legit rating of the most played (and playable) games. Not all of them are new, as you may see. Classical titles of the decade still dominate, and newcomers struggle hard for their position. So let’s see each of the champions.

1: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game screenshot

While Epic has Fortnite, Steam replies with another Battle Royale megahit. It’s a more realistic (if you may say so at all) dog-eat-dog action game, where the winner takes it all. The game has a solo mode as well as group battle, with up to four players teaming up. Everyone is equal at the start, so your success depends on luck and skill.

Unlike Fortnite, PUBG is not about the fortification. And, unlike APEX Legends, it’s not set in another game’s universe. It features four islands now, each with its own landscape, biome, and tactical specifics. It’s the perfect option for both casual and hardcore gaming, with each game relatively short (even if you’re lucky), and the world big enough to explore for long. Weapons and armor can also be explored until the next update.

As you can see, Battle Royale as a genre didn’t give birth to hundreds of games; but its three titans are still standing tall. PUBG is one of them, not going to surrender soon. Unlike other titles, it’s paid, but its popularity doesn’t suffer from that.

2: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game screenshot

While Battle Royale is an individual action game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the current representation of team-based action. The rest is about the same, though; shoot and don’t get shot, kill and don’t be killed. If you catch a bullet, though, you may respawn; but the opponents get the score.

The game has been around for long, and in all these years, it gained a loyal audience and lost most bugs. As for “Terrorists win”, it’s the most famous, but not the only meme born in CS: GO. The community is large, and it’s constantly welcoming new members, though old gamers may dislike that. But when a game becomes a cybersports discipline, that’s inevitable.

3: DotA 2

DotA 2 game screenshot

And here comes another cult title that has established itself as a cybersports discipline. DotA 2 is a highly spectacular game, one of those responsible for MOBA taking over the RTS acronym. It’s a multiplayer PvP or 2v2 strategy, with gameplay simplified in mechanics, but terribly advanced in nuances.

The idea is simple: send your troops to destroy the opponent’s castle and protect your own. But the details are extremely rich. This is definitely a lifestyle game, not a casual one. It will pay if you become a pro and participate in tournaments; otherwise, it may be an advanced worthy hobby, as seen from the numbers.


MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD game screenshot

This action-packed RPG is exactly what it says on the tin. The world of this game is full of monsters of various sorts, and your character is out for hunt. It’s the meaning of life; the rest is done for this aim, including getting rewards and buying new weapons and armor. You can hunt on your own, or team up with up to three players to form a monster hunting squad.

The developers managed to recreate that spirit of medieval legends about dragons and dragon slayers. The setting is quite ancient, with no hint of modernity, and the hunters have to craft their own weapons from what they collect from the monsters and buy for the rewards. The further you go, the more terrible and dangerous creatures you meet; that’s that. But it’s enough to make a megahit.

5: Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V game screenshot

There is still nothing similar to GTA V in the genre of criminal saga. Since 2013, the game has grown a lot of patches, DLC, online features, and even user mods available officially on Steam. The story of the robbers returning to criminal life instead of retirement is still fresh. The visuals may seem obsolete, but it just means that you can play it on an older PC; just make sure you have enough storage.

No need to say much about Grand Theft Auto. No sooner will the game lose its popularity than the next installment is released. And even then, given that GTA VI will probably hit the console market, the fifth part will stay big.

6: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege game screenshot

And here comes another multiplayer tactical shooter. Though it also has a narrative-based single player mode, the game is loved first of all for an opportunity to oppose living enemies. The most actual installment from the popular series developed by a famous writer, this game was released in 2015 and still stays strong. Mostly it’s due to tons of DLC and lots of patches that continue improving the game.

Long before Fortnite and its likes, Rainbow Six Siege introduced seasons, each of them bringing new maps and operators with various abilities. The game is principally asymmetrical, depending on the operators available to each of the two teams. That makes it closer to, say, collectible card games, making it less predictable.

7: Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 game screenshot

It’s probably the oldest of games so widely played today. Released in 2007, it had enough time to gain a significant audience and to fix all of its initial bugs and imbalances. Now it’s a classical tactical shooter, featuring the feud of the two corporations trying to gain full control of the ground to build on. These corporate wars are as severe as many military conflicts, with various destruction methods involved – or rather inVALVEd, given that the game is developed and supported by Valve, the runner of Steam.

One of the most attractive features of the game is taunts. It’s always so attractive to taunt the opponent, especially with a sort of taunt that turns out lethal. It’s one of those specific features (along with light-hearted cartoonish visuals and various maps and modes) that keep Team Fortress 2 unique.

8: Destiny 2

Destiny 2 game sccrenshot

Destiny 2 is a sci-fi-themed mystical FPS. The Earth is attacked by invaders from space that somehow have mystical powers, and you are the one to stop them. The mission is to regain the Light necessary for mankind to defeat the Ghaul invaders, and then the other hostile races. The game combines elements of action and RPG, and the elements of the genres are extremely well balanced.

Quite a fresh one, released in 2017, it remains one of the constant Steam hits. Partly it’s due to free-to-play mode, allowing everyone to play with no investments, or (if they wish) purchase extras to accelerate the process. There are also PvP battles, attracting probably the most of the game’s audience.

9: Rust

Rust game screenshot

How does it feel to live in a half-destroyed world after the apocalypse, while it continues rotting through? Rust is a long, big, detailed story of survival in such a place, where nothing lasts forever, and there are constant challenges. Keep your character from hunger and thirst, provide enough sleep, care about clothes, and beware of the predate beasts. But the greatest danger is other people, ready to do anything to survive.

Despite too much grinding, the game is attractive enough to live in it. Players spend hundreds of hours playing, rebuilding their environment and crafting necessary things. The process is shown with great attention to detail, making the game very realistic for its genre.

10: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game screenshot

Sometimes they come back. The Witcher is the most popular single-player only title on this list; that’s probably why it didn’t retain its position since its release in 2015. But here comes Netflix to the rescue. Its TV show warmed up the interest for the entire franchise, including all three games and the books they are based on.

The story of the witcher hunting monsters and saving the princess from the Wild Hunt is one of the most detailed and carefully written RPG’s ever. Probably many of the current players have just missed some quests and now return to fill the gaps. Others were attracted by winter deals, cutting 70% off its initial price, now ready to toss a coin.

PC Winter Trends

It’s easy to see that multiplayer is still king. Little can compare to the real competition in a recognized discipline, with speed, adrenaline, and growing stats. Do you agree? What games are you playing this winter? Do you stick to the hits, or explore new titles? Which of those above do you prefer? Share what you think: toss a comment to us.

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