10 FIFA 18 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Kicks

10 FIFA 18 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Kicks

10 FIFA 18 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Kicks on Blog

There are still reasons to prefer FIFA 18 to its successors; the 19 version bore little innovations, and 20 is rated lower due to its bugs and not-so-great innovations. So, FIFA 18 is still here, long after the season it mirrored. It’s a good option for budget PC and 7gen consoles, but even for newer hardware, it still makes sense. If you have seen at least the FIFA 18 demo, you must have appreciated the new motion engine and the overall visuals.

So, if you want to revisit the season and play FIFA 18, there is something for you to know. Though the game (like any other in the series) is bound to the real then-upcoming World Cup, you don’t have to mind it at all. Instead, focus on dream football with your dream team, go for awards like Jules Rimet Trophy, and make the perfect career with your virtual player. Here are the FIFA 18 tips and tricks you may need if you want to get maximum kicks from the game.

Don’t Hurry Out There, Train in Single Player for the Beginning

It’s the most basic and obvious idea, but it has to be articulated. One of the reasons people play FIFA games is showing off their skills in online matches. But to show them off, you need to have them. First, take your time to shape your team. Use Squad Battles and FUT tasks to get your hands on the controller and your management on the team. Just get familiar with the mechanics. Then get ready for some disappointments when you go online for the first time: somebody will act hard on you. Get yourself together, train a bit more (for example, switch to FIFA 18 career mode), and repeat. Sports will be sports, even online.

Use the Catalogue, Luke!

Well, you don’t even have to be a hardcore soccer fan to play FIFA 18. But the more you learn, the more you realize what you lack to win. So buy those FCC, or win them to unlock an online match or to purchase the best equipment. Don’t miss celebrations: they are just as efficient as taunts in, say, Team Fortress 2. And if you make your Ultimate Team (if not, think of it), you’ll definitely need more boosts.

Spend Your Points Wisely

When you invest in your Pro Clubs, do it wisely. It’s considered the best to spend your points on Physical and Dribbling categories, so your player gets faster and more skilled. It will always be useful, especially when you’re playing with your real mates, pros in football. That’s where a sim goes RPG. And, again, it makes you want to use your celebration moves, so do your best to have a good reason for that.

It’s Never Too Late to Train

A trainer is something even an experienced player needs. So it is in FIFA 18. The option that was here to help the beginners is quite useful for skilled players as well. Use the trainer mode in instant replays to analyze the games you have lost (or won with less success). The dotted lines are the ballistic expertise of your shots. With them, you can see where you went wrong and how your opponents made use of it.

Master Tackling

Well, in 2018, the developers finally made tackling a decent playable tool. Use it when another player turns your back on you. You need to nick the ball between the legs, and that helps you to use the tackle for defense or offense, or whatever you intend it for. It’s animated a bit awkwardly, being much more straightforward and simpler than real-life tackling. But still, it’s an important element of the game, and this year it’s finally well-balanced.


Another thing that was finally delivered right in FIFA 18 is no touch dribbling. Combine it with close control, and you’ll know the way out of most troubles. This time it’s assigned to R1/RB; anyway, it will only confuse you if you have played FIFA 17. Anyway, this technique is worth mastering.

Three Buttons!

No, we don’t mean restarting your PC or shutting down the game. The matter is that there are lots of hidden FIFA 18 features not mentioned in the official tutorials, but detected by players. For example, L2+R1+shoot outside the box adds power to your shot, and L1+R1+Triangle will increase the precision of your lobbed through balls. Try various combinations on your gamepad, and let your fingers remember them.

More Attention to Chipped Through Balls

This time it’s a really useful trick. Now, these balls fly much higher, so they are a great method to overcome (literally) almost any defense. The attacker you send the ball to will have enough time to look around and catch it on landing. Of course, it takes training to master this trick and get it precise enough. It also requires teamwork and communication to play this right. But it’s worth paying more attention to, especially if you want to show off in online matches. That’s another reason to prefer FIFA 18 game even long after its real-life prototype is history.

Goalkeeper Got Weaker, But Don’t Be a Weeper

Where the AI went wrong in this installment is the goal protection. The goalkeepers are suddenly slow, and their response isn’t perfect (especially, again, if you have some experience of FIFA 17). On the one hand, it goes out to your goalkeeper as well, so don’t worry if the opponents get you once or twice: that doesn’t change a thing in your gameplay. On the other, it forms a breach to use, so you better get yourself more time and hit when the power bar is just two thirds. The chances still are you got the goal, especially if you aim a bit lower than it seems correct.

The Looser the Net, the More Fun You Get

Not that it directly concerns the gameplay, but if you want the game to respond properly when you score, lose the net tension in settings. It takes just visiting the visual tab and switching the net tension to ”loose”. Suddenly, this will also change the experience. Seeing the ball in the net that pushes it back instantly is less fun than enjoy the realistic picture of it getting almost stuck.

What’s Your FIFA 18 Rating

By the way: do you prefer console or PC experience? Or maybe FIFA Mobile 18? Do you think these innovations were good, or just insufficient? And do you agree with those still rating FIFA 18 higher than 19 or 20? Speak out loud, raise your voice, and leave a comment!

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