1 Minute to Die — 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure Gameplay

1 Minute to Die — 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure Gameplay

1 Minute to Die — 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure Gameplay on Blog

60 second Atomic Adventure is a grotesque survival indie game. As a man of the house, you must keep your family safe. But if you're only beginning your bomb shelter adventure, our guide will you show the ropes of the gameplay and share a few useful tips & tricks like where to get a sanity-preserving cat with a Russian nickname.

Gameplay — Food, raiders, monster-daughter

60 Seconds gameplay challenges you to keep your family alive for as long as you can. In the beginning, you have only 60 seconds to grab any family members and items of survival you can and take them to the bunker. After that, a nuclear catastrophe happens.

Ideally, you must have both of your kids, wife Dolores and Pancake the Dog locked up safely. As it's done, days begin the ominous countdown until a certain ending. Your #1 priority will be to keep the following parameters intact:

  • Hunger. Unless your crew is fed properly, they will die from hunger. It takes ten days for one family member to perish from starvation. The primary source of nutrients are the Red Tomato Soup cans. A family member remains fed for six consecutive days.
  • Water. Your folks must receive water every five days or death from dehydration is unavoidable.
  • Sanity. Boredom is an invisible enemy. If the family isn't entertained, they'll go nuts and wreck the place. Checkers, Deck of Cards, Radio and Pancake/Sharikov help raise Sanity when it's dropping.
  • Safety. Once in a while, marauders will attempt to storm the shelter and ravage your supplies — use a rifle for protection.
  • Health. Due to various reasons — hunger, injuries, Roach invasion — HP gets damaged. Medkit restores health, removing all possible injuries of one character. It can be replenished with the Poison.
  • Tiredness. If a character is out on a mission too frequently, they'll grow tired and fatigued. It leads to losing health and dying. Can be cured by feeding, which goes harsh on your supplies.
    Having these stats balanced is your key to success. And the next step to keep the beloved ones alive is scavenging and partaking in events.

Events — It's us or them...

60 Seconds game screenshot

Events occur only if you have a specific item. Keep in mind that a take it/break it approach to an event can either help you survive or die. They appear as entries in the Journal, including:

  • Radio events. Listen to a conspiracy podcast or transmission from the government — it increases sanity and helps make it towards the positive finale.
  • Military contact. Follow/ignore radio orders to get evacuated successfully.
  • Insects. Shield the family from a spider invasion.
  • Coffee run. Snatch coffee at the diner.

Scavenging — Shop in the radioactive wilderness

Odds are you won't seize every item you need during the first seconds. Besides, you'll need to replenish water and food. And some events will force you to leave the shelter. For successful scavenging you'll need:

  • Padlock. To lock the bunker.
  • Gas Mask. To protect HP.
  • Rifle. To scare away the bandits.
  • A can of soup. To help a stranger.
  • Map. Necessary for some Army events.

While scavenging, you have a chance to run into a hungry stranger. Offer him a can of soup to make the cat named Sharikov jump out of his bag — adopt him as your new pet. Another way to locate him is to find him in the ruined camp, it's accessible through a Mad Scientist Path event. The cat plays a pivotal role in the whole story (see Endings)!

Endings — How to be victorious

The known 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure endings include:

1) Military Rescue (good). It is achieved through following radio instructions: Axe —> Map —> Rifle —> Cards events.

2) Cat Lady (good). Sharikov will find a cloning device that will result in 10 kitty-cats flooding the bunker. If the family lasts for 50 days and feeds the cats ten soup cans, the felines will put them under their protection.

3) Twins (good). Twins will invite the family to move to their camp. Achieved by helping the Twins throughout the game.

4) Agents (good). Sharikov will be playing with the wire. Examine it, and you'll run into the Agents. Follow their instructions, and 50 days later they'll come to save you.

5) No Parents (bad). If both of the parents die, it'll be game over.

6) Raiders (bad). If you have no protection, they'll kill/kidnap your family.

7) Feline Domination (bad). If you fail to get an extra ten soup cans or make other mistakes, cats will drive the family away.

8) Driven Away (bad). Priests, Bandits, etc. may take over the shelter.

9) Rocket (unknown). The scientist builds a spaceship, but it crashes. Fate is unknown.

Tips — Hacking the post-apocalyptic life

For dessert, there are some good 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure tips:

Bloody Mary
Mary can mutate into a monster randomly, providing extra protection from the bandits both in and out of the bunker. As a mutant, she can be used for scavenging non-stop.

Sharikov keeps roaches, rats and other parasites away from the bunker for good. What's bad, he can bring a radioactive rodent or make Ted allergic.

Books = Power
Boy Scout Handbook allows to stop insect invasion easily: it doesn't break from hitting them. Plus, you'll find an extra soup can during the event. Don't give it to Timmy on his B-Day if he goes insane: he'll tear it apart.

Coffee increases Sanity and perhaps resistance to fatigue.

It can be used for signaling for help.

At some point, Military will demand you get rid of your firearms. It's unnecessary if the Rifle is broken. So if you keep it, it won't affect the progress and achieving the good ending.

Anybody home?
Never leave the bunker abandoned.

The man of the house

60 Seconds is an enticing survival game with a unique vibe, sense of dark humor, and challenging gameplay. You can get it for $9.99 on Steam or buy 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure Android or iOS version for only $3.99. Whatever platform you choose, it won't affect the game's content. It will be the same grotesque and whacky saga of survival...

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