Human: Fall Flat

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Human: Fall Flat full review. Fall into a surreal dream and find the way out!

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Is it a dream or reality? In Human: Fall Flat you will get to the main character's Bob subconscious. A brand new odd environment is created in his head. Interesting physics and a lot of hidden sense. Are you ready to solve the mystery? There are plenty of challenges to solve before you can get out of here.

Graphics 4.5/5

The game graphics can be described with a definition of geometric simplicity. All models in Human: Fall Flat are made flatly: with sharp corners, an absence of superfluous details and pretentious beauty. Nevertheless, the game has a sense of style, which is more connected with its physics and puzzles, instead of being related to graphics.

Human: Fall Flat with its graphic minimalism trying to show the unreality of happening. You will be strolling along Bob's dreamscapes, looking for the solution of the puzzles.

There is also an opportunity to become the main character yourself. Make a photo from the webcam specifically for Human: Fall Flat, and with customization option become a part of this unreal world.

Gameplay 4.5/5

Human: Fall Flat is a puzzle with elements of the sandbox. The game takes place in the dream of the main character, which is rather strange. Each location of the world of his dreams is a kind of sandbox in which you can interact with almost anything. Wagons, carts, levers - all these and many other items are interactive.

In the beginning, you can draw Bob's body with any color and customize the character the way you like. As we already mentioned, you can even set your photo instead of Bob's head.

Bob is going to escape surreal dreams, which are produced by his subconscious. To do this, he has to solve different challenges and puzzles.

You will have various tools to help your character. There is no particular script in the game. Thus you'll have no limits in this fully-interactive environment. Grab, carry, climb on anything. Do whatever you want in this world!

With online mode, you can join other players and explore even more unique puzzles in the eight beautiful dreamscapes available for multiplayer mode.

Controls 4.5/5

The essential part of control is located in Bob's hands (that means yours). You can control Bob's hands with your keyboard. And he, in his turn, can grab anything or climb any surface.

You can carry objects here in two ways: drag them on the ground or carry on hands. In the latter case, you need to grab the object and point the camera up. You quickly get used to such a system. All in all, the controls in Human: Fall Flat are easy to understand and remember.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

Human: Fall Flat has unlimited replay value. As the game itself performs the world with unlimited possibilities, there will always be something new for the player to discover. Plenty of levels, a plethora of puzzles of various complexity - that combination leads to the game addiction. Moreover, there is the online mode in which you can connect with the same addicted by Human: Fall Flat and in this way increase the replay value.


Human: Fall Flat is an example of an unusual game. It's exciting to travel around the dream world, though surreal, however with its own logic. It opens to you in the process of solving puzzles. The only drawback, the game is too short, so that you will not be able to enjoy it fully.


Solve physics-based puzzles in a surreal, though lovable environment with an affable character. Human: Fall Flat will capture you from the first minutes of the gameplay..

Pros : Plenty of puzzles with multiple solutions
Amazing graphics
Online mode

Cons : Quite a short game. Gets over in just 57 hours of continuously playing it

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.5


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