Slime Rancher

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Want to be a farmer on a ranch of the cutest creatures ever? Slime Rancher is waiting!

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Professional Review

On a distance of a thousand light years from Earth, there is a planet Far Far Range. Cute slime creatures are leaving there. And you in a person of young Beatrix LeBeau, are going to build a farm and take care of them and after that explore the beautiful world around. This nice and funny 3D farming simulation is a valuable title on the market.

Graphics — 5/5

Colorful and decent graphics are the distinctive feature of Slime Rancher. The landscaped and game characters seem to be friendly and pleasant as they are drawn in a cartoonish manner.   With the bunch of precisely crafted elements, like the Coral machines, the cage-like-structures for the slimes, the rock, carrots, you get a full immersion into the game atmosphere.

Slime Rancher will not disappoint you with its beautiful visual aesthetics.

Gameplay — 4.5/5

The main task of the game is collecting Slimes, which can be in various shapes and sizes (thanks to the visual performance, they all look amazing). Take care of them, noting that each Slime has its own diet between veggies, fruits or meat. So appropriate feeding is the aspect that needs special attention.

At the rest of time, you will build new farms to grow fruits or veggies, fountains for water and Chicken coops. Chickens can be as well collected as Slimes.

Collect all the needed stuff with the help of your vacuum backpack or the VacPack. It can hold only a few items inside, so you have to frequently go to your ranch to unload what you have already collected.

Different types of slimes in the game can be combined or evolved with the help of ‘plorts’ from other slimes.

Controls — 5/5

Slime Rancher has intuitive controls, which you will find out at the beginning and then simply get used to them. You will get a tool that looks like a cannon. With the help of it, you can catch or collect 'plorts'.

W, S A D or the arrows are responsible for the movement. With the left mouse button, you can shoot (shoots something that is in the gun). Right-click - catch (slimes, pirates, vegetables, fruits, whatever). The shift is for running, but keep in mind that the energy reserve is also not infinite. Everything else you can see in the settings of the game or find out yourself during the gameplay.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

Slime Rancher is a positive game valuable for its colorfulness. This aspect and its cheerful mood attract players to replay it again and again. However, you will unlikely want to start the game from scratch and lose all the coins you’ve earned. So it’s better to stick to your ongoing game and upgrade your farm.  


The main characters of the game are such cute creatures that make Slime Rancher fun and addictive with no doubt. The cartoonish graphics turns a visual aspect to the amazing experience.


Game catches with its ambiguous story, its characters and, of course, the prettiest creatures you could meet - the Slimes..

Pros : Beautiful 3D graphics
Cute environment
The world to explore
Vacpack and ranch upgrades

Cons : No story

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.8


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