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Happy Room Review

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As the head of the weapons laboratory, you have to perform tests on human dummies and clones. Developed and published by Mana Potion Studios, Happy Room demands brutal and heartless attacks to proceed further in the game.

Graphics — 4/5

The graphics in the Happy Room game are satisfactory. It doesn’t create a significant impact. But at the same time, it is successful in conveying the intensity of the attacks. You can actually feel the sensation of releasing an attack on the dummy. The intuitive recognition of the attack type and intensity is crucial in tossing the dummy across the screen. In addition to visuals, the background score in the game creates an enthralling atmosphere.

Gameplay – 4/5

There is no storyline in the game as such. The game begins with the scene wherein dummies are being developed, placed in the laboratory, and the identification of the weapon combinations that will render maximum damage to the dummies. Happy Room game deals with the human dummies being tossed in the air, struck and jolted with lethal and unthinkable weapons, gory bloodshed and ripping of body parts, gaining points and accolades for successful tests, and so on.

So once dummies are inside the laboratory, your job begins. The tasks are mentioned on the top bar. You just need to ensure perfect attack combinations to render maximum damage. The intensity of the damages will result in accumulated points in your account. These points can be used to unlock weapons in the game. When you are equipped with a variety of weapons, your job becomes easy. The game has two modes – campaign and sandbox. Once you master the campaign mode, the gates of the sandbox will be opened for you.

Controls — 4/5

The gaming controls are too simple to forget. You have been assigned a sole responsibility of unleashing attacks on the human clones. Just press the buttons at a particular time to render maximum destruction. Your timing, planning, and intellect will determine the future course. If you want to collect maximum points and unlock higher levels in the game, devise a strategy in the game. In every mission, you will be assigned tasks. Manage controls effectively to completely devastate human dummies.

Replay Value — 4/5

For all those who prefer gory bloodshed and ruthless gaming modes, Happy Room is the game for you. Due to its extremely violent nature, it is recommended for gamers of age 18 and above. The intense background score and ruthless attacks on the enemies are the highlights of the game. If you are a proficient gamer, you will unlock all the levels in a couple of hours. In this situation, the appeal factor seems missing.


Happy Room is successful in captivating the attention of the users in the first instance. But as you proceed further in the game, it appears repetitive and boring. Although the weapons upgrade and the attacks mechanism change, the gameplay remains the same. The avid gamers will finish the levels in few hours. But for some, the game might extend a little further, thus, ensuring sufficient engagement. The only way to dispense boredom is unleashing cruel attacks on the dummies.



Happy Room will keep you engaged with its gory gameplay, thumping background score, and an extensive array of lethal weapons..

Pros : The terrific background score and perfect simulation of attacks
Gameplay is simple and addictive

Cons : Unable to maintain its appeal
Requires robust technical configuration for smooth functioning

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.0


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