Attack on Titan 2

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  • Release date: 6/30/2018
  • Developer: Tecmo KOEI America
  • Genre: Action
  • Content rating: ESRB Mature
Attack on Titan 2

Attack on Titan 2

Tecmo KOEI America
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Attack on Titan 2 Review

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Professional Review

Action on Titan 2 is an action game, dealing with the ruthless encounters between gigantic Titans and skilled soldiers. Based on the anime series created by Hajime Isayama, the game has been developed by Omega Force and published by Koei Tecmo.

Graphics — 4.5/5

Action on Titan 2 is conceptualized around an anime series of the same name. The developers have been successful in retaining the charm of the anime graphics. The anime characters look fascinating while performing stunts during combat mode.

While characters depict anime graphics, the environment has been kept realistic and intuitive. The sheer projection of objects blends perfectly with the anime characters. Thus, Action on Titan 2 appeals users when it comes to graphics and visuals.

Gameplay — 4/5

The story begins when the beefy Titans land on the planet with a motive to destroy humanity. They demolish the wall protecting humans, wrecking down human lives without any mercy. The military decides to recruit soldiers, proficient in warfare tactics and equipped with omnidirectional gear that will be used for slashing these giants.

Your sole mission is to eradicate these Titans by using your weapons and combat skills. You are capable of performing stunts like sliding on the zip lines, swiftly changing your positions to dodge Titan’s moves, using weapons to slice off enemy’s body parts, and so on.

Replenish yourself with fuels and weapons to continue your spree in the game. As you proceed in the game, the enemies become stronger. To counter their blows, you have to increase your strength as well. This is where you need resources. By defeating Titans, you can capture their areas. Develop these areas into your base. Here, you can keep your weapons and equipment.

Controls — 4/5

The game is mostly about defeating Titans. For this purpose, you can attack Titans on specific areas in order to cut their limbs and other body parts. For an instance, you can select a particular body part by focusing on it, and render an attack to chop it off. Press buttons carefully as you require precision for successful moves. While you attack the enemy, you have to be on your toes. Maneuver controls intelligently to dodge the enemy’s blows and secure a safe spot.

Replay Value — 4/5

For all anime lovers, Action on Titan 2 is a suitable game that will ignite an interest in you. The perfect synchronization of anime graphics and realistic environment amplifies the visual impact of the game. The gameplay is not complicated as it adopts a straightforward storyline. However, this may be a turn off for some gamers. Every time you play Action on Titan 2, you feel pumped up to showcase your warfare tactics and eliminate colossal Titans.


Action on Titan 2 is a third-person action game. Although it incorporates engaging combat modes, it lacks the overall appeal. As a player, you should be the center of focus in the game. But this isn’t the case in Action on Titan 2. You can customize your character as per your preference.

The background score and graphics are more than satisfactory. The gory scenes of slashing enemy’s body parts and intriguing action sequences compel users to come back every time.



Look forward to Action on Titan 2 if you prefer anime games with a simplistic gameplay but terrific visuals and sound.

Pros : Treat for anime lovers
Stunning visuals and action sequences
Easy-to-grasp gameplay

Cons : Storyline is weak
Character buildup is not impressive

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4.0

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 4.0

Average : 4.1

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