Tycoons Never Sleep — Top 10 YouTuber's Life Alternatives

Tycoons Never Sleep — Top 10 YouTuber's Life Alternatives on Blog

If you have ever wondered what it's like to run a popular YouTube channel, then you might give YouTuber's Life a chance. This game reveals dark secrets behind YT success and stardom — hours of editing, filming, finding hot trends, bargaining with sponsors, and keeping viewers happy — truly this can become a nightmare quickly. But if you loved this upbeat gameplay, we present you our Top 10 YouTuber's Life alternatives. Enjoy!

1. Computer Tycoon — Steve's job is never done

Computer Tycoon game screenshot

In this ironic indie strategy, you start out as a business shark from the '70s. The Computer Evolution has just begun, and you and your geeky best friend with a scraggly beard have launched a garage start-up barely a few minutes ago... Sounds familiar? Yes, it's based on the legendary saga of Apple Corp. And your objectives are:

  1. a) Promoting your wonder-machines.
  2. b) Creating an OS.
  3. c) Releasing games.
  4. d) Taking over the global market.

Only this time CEO doesn't die! At least not until 2034 — that's the year when your company must become the unchallenged monster. Computer Tycoon retells the story of two Steves with retro-charm and clever jokes.

2. Bronze Age — History repeats itself

Bronze Age game screenshot

It's 3000 B.C., and you're the leader of a small tribe lost somewhere in Africa. What can you do in such a position? Of course, banish human sacrifices and guide your people towards civilization, depilation, and happiness! But this will be a long way. You must manage food supply, earn cultural/research points, build mud fortresses, and make your primitive subjects evolve from simple brutes to angry brutes armed with bows and spears to drive the enemy away. Bronze Age will test your leader's skills.

3. Change: A Homeless Survival Experience — Spare sum' change?

Change: A Homeless Survival Experience game sccreenshot

One day you lose it all: ID, house, car, bank account, and your loving family. What you get is a pair of old jeans, a hoodie and also a ginger dog to accompany you. Survive as a homeless person, grind for cash doing menial jobs, steal to survive, avoid cops, and try to change your life for the better. Rogue-like gameplay and pixel art style create a unique atmosphere of despair, struggle, and hope. Change: A Homeless Survival Experience is an intriguing hobo-simulator.

4. Another Brick in the Mall — Hey, IRS, leave us all alone!

Another Brick in the Mall screenshot

The name, quoting Pink Floyd, speaks for itself: you must blueprint, build and run a giant mall. Cafeterias and boutiques, movie theatre and monster supermarket — your shopping-center must have it all to make money. But it's merely the tip of the ice-berg. How about building a spacious parking lot? Managing the staff? And what's up with the security measures? Where will you place advertising? Any promo-events to attract more customers maybe? Yes, it's an awful lot of work... Another Brick in the Mall will prove that being a mall-owning billionaire is more than just a hobby.

5. Ancient Cities — A mesmerizing time travel

Ancient Cities game screenshot

"From a time when Gods were still being born..." this is how the most realistic, history-focused strategy game begins. For starters, Ancient Cities has a meticulously simulated ecosystem with all the natural and manmade hazards: predators, floods, wildfires, bloodthirsty raiders from hostile tribes, and so forth. #1 goals are to support your tribe, cleverly manage resources, organize military forces, and finally build the most glorious city of Antiquity!

Ancient Cities is an enthralling history & statecraft lesson.

6. Garry's Mod — Some things just never die...

Garry's Mod game screenshot

They say that the game's longevity is the best proof of its value. In Garry's Mod case, we can agree on that — the sandbox has been around for almost 14 years! Perhaps, what makes this title unique is that it has no goals or missions. You are literally a god here, creating your own scenarios, levels, and items — from a baroque chair to a nuclear explosion. Via Steam Workshop, the Mod supports cooperation — players can exchange original content.

Garry's Mod waits for you insane ideas.

7. Mashinky — Happy choo-choo time

Mashinky game screenshot

In Russian Mashinky means 'tiny machines'. That's a reference to the isometric trains you're supposed to manage. The 2D map procedurally grows as you progress towards your ambition — building a railroad empire. However, you'll get to enjoy a few scenic views since Mashinky has also a bit of picturesque and somewhat brutal realism with its vast forests, mist-clad mountains and lonely houses scattered over the wilderness. Mashinky, like YouTuber’s life, demands you to be a stellar manager. Only it’s about steam engines.

8. Star Control — Aliens, starship, and two smoking blasters

Star Control game screenshot

In 2086 humanity makes the first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization from Triton. However, it's not a message of peace, but rather a 911-like distress call. And you were chosen to be the captain of the Earth's first starship. Travel from one world to another. Be a smuggler, raider, and trader. Go all diplomatic or blaze the guns at the first opportunity — whatever step you make, this cosmic opera will be ready to suggest unique consequences. Sometimes very hazardous consequences... Star Control will provide you with a captain's log.

9. Planet Zoo — Time to clean the lion's poo

Planet Zoo game screenshot

From the authors of Planet Coaster, this game sees you getting a zookeeper's badge, broom, and a garden hose. Build suitable habitats, procure rare beasts, organize your PR wisely to make families crowd your place daily, and rescue animals from poachers. The game is very picturesque and interactive. Especially intriguing is the AI of the animals — it's like they can tell that they are being observed... Planet Zoo hopes you will take good care of tigers, giraffes, lemurs, and marmots. Especially marmots.

10. Starship Theory — Space Ark

Starship Theory game screenshot

Starship theory is a clever isometric strategy title, in which you build a spaceship step by step. Recruiting and training the crew is another quest to be accomplished. Mine resources and allocate them wisely. Steer your ship like a pro avoiding meteors and beware of the space pirates — they lurk around, waiting for a moment to breach your ship's armor... Starship Theory is only for the true space wolves.

Hold on to your knickers, Mr. Tycoon

Despite some of these games like YouTuber's Life aren't fully finished yet, going through beta stages, they will make you reveal your full tycoon's potential. Don't be fooled by innocent visuals or corny jokes — the challenge has never been that real.

Nelly Jackson

Nerdy book club member. Games and cats lover

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