TOP-5 Best Survival Games you Can Play on PC

TOP-5 Best Survival Games you Can Play on PC on Blog

It is easy to understand why survival games are one of the most played games of all time. We are hunters. Our ancestors used to hunt for prey and fight enemies in order to survive. Today, we live in a world where we are no longer required to take such desperate actions, spending our time calmer and safer. That is why survival games are so popular. Here is the list of TOP survival games that you can play on PC today.



Minecraft survival game was released in November 2011. And people from different parts of the world have been playing this game for almost 8 years. Minecraft was recognized as a best-selling video game of all time: more than 176 million copies were sold around the world as of May 2019. The gameplay centers on building different constructions from the blocks in a 3D procedurally generated world.

There are several modes: Creative, Adventure, Hardcore, Spectator, and Survival. In Creative mode, you can build whatever you want without worrying about resources. The Spectator mode allows you to watch other gamers, how they play, what strategies they use. And in Survival, Adventure, and Hardcore modes, you have to learn how to survive. Here you need to gather the resources, collect them, and defend from the enemies. The resources include wood, stone, and other materials that you can find in the game’s world. Also, you can set up the levels’ difficulty. It influences the monsters that spawn in darker areas. In order to defend yourself, you need to build a shelter. In the Hardcore mode, there is even permadeath. It means that when your character dies, the world is permanently deleted.



Rust is a multiplayer survival game. The full game release was launched in February 2018, after 5 years of Early Access. You can play it on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. In Rust, you need to survive in the wild world. How? Gather or stole resources. Besides that, you need to follow your life indicators such as thirst and hunger. The game is similar to Minecraft and ARMA 2. And it is not a surprise. Rust was created as a clone of one of the popular modes of ARMA 2 — DayZ. Also, the developers took the crafting elements akin to those in Minecraft.

As we mentioned above, the game has only a multiplayer mode. In this open-world environment, you will fight with other players to survive. The vast majority of maps, like in Minecraft, are procedurally generated. In order to survive, you do not only need to collect the materials but also choose the right strategy to fight other players. From the gathered resources, you can craft different gears, weapons, and other tools. Moreover, there are challenges that you have to overcome. It could be whatever. For example, the wild animal attack or hypothermia. The only safe zones are so-called Compounds where you can trade the resources. Let’s look at other survival games like Rust.

60 Seconds

60 Seconds!

60 Seconds is a dark atomic comedy. It was developed and published by Robot Gentlemen. Users can download the game on both computers and mobile devices. 60 Seconds game tells the story of nuclear apocalypse. Imagine a world where all mankind's terrible dreams of a nuclear bomb come true. Welcome to the 60 Seconds game world! Here you control the character named Ted. He is an absolute family man and a hard-working citizen. One sunny day, he hears a strange sound, and quickly realizes that it is … a nuclear bomb alarm. What should he do? Firstly, not to panic, and secondly, to quickly take all the things and family members to the bunker. And you can help him to collect the supplies and to survive in this dangerous nuclear apocalypse.

The game is full of hard decisions and unexpectable turnouts. You do not know how long the disaster will last and whether everyone you take to the bunker makes it out alive. The real puzzle for all fans of survival games!



Scum started life in Steam Early Access, and there is still no full game version. The developers didn’t mention the date of its full release. Earlier, they planned that the game would be launched in August 2019, but additional community requests shifted this date. It is developed by Croteam and published by Devolver Digital. You can play Scum from both perspectives: third-person and first-person. The developers described their game as a ‘prison riot survival game’. The main actions are happening in Croatia. Here, 100 different players from different parts of the world are trying to get off the island and survive. But there is a thing that prevents them from doing this — the implants which you need to remove first.

The players get rewards for participation in different events and for surviving in a hostile environment. You will need them if you want to buy upgrades, weapons, and other things in the safe zones. Also, the more points you have, the more chances you have to return to the game in case of death.



Imagine yourself on an unknown planet which is far from Earth. But it is not the end. In order to survive, you need to explore the ocean and gather unique resources. There is gameplay of Subnautica, an adventure survival open-world game. It was developed and released by Unknown WorldsEntertainment in January 2018. You can play Subnautica on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Xbox One, and Play Station 4.

Here you need to control the character that survived after the unknown beam of energy hit their spaceship called Aurora. The game describes the events that take place in the 22nd century when humanity begins to explore and colonize space. Like many survival games, Subnautica has several modes: Survival, Freedom, Hardcore, and Creative. The easiest modes are Freedom and Creative because the part of necessary needs such as hunger and thirst are disabled. Moreover, officially, the game supports VR headsets.

TOP survival games: which one you like?

There was a list of our most liked TOP-5 survival games. It is possible that we could miss something. Therefore, share what your favorite survival games are? And, overall, do you like this genre? Why yes and why not? You can leave the comments in the comment section below.

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