Rust Has Outrun Garry’s Mod In Terms of Income

Rust Has Outrun Garry’s Mod In Terms of Income on Blog

Garry’s Mod has been among the most popular sandbox games since its release in 2006. That’s the first game that comes to mind when we speak of Garry Newman (not the synthpop singer, but the programmer). But now he has a bigger project officially. Rust doesn’t bear his name, but it attracts more money.

Let’s Talk In Numbers

Since 2014, Garry Newman is the head of Facepunch Studios, and his project Rust has a much shorter history of development and promotion. Nevertheless, in 2019 it made it to the Top 10 played games on Steam (unlike Garry’s Mod, again). Average yearly sales for each game surpassed 1M copies, though Rust outruns Gmod in this number as well.

Mr. Newman shared these numbers in the yearly review by Facepunch Studios. Another game mentioned in this review is Chippy, a bullet hell experimental game also featured on Steam. There is nothing like Gmod or Rust: it’s an abstract arcade shooter with neon visuals. Its sales are minor, compared to each of the other two games – about 10K. Still, it’s a worthy project, though completely unlike what you might expect from Garry Newman.

Have Your Say

What do you prefer: surviving in Rust, or playing indie games and making machinimas in Garry’s Mod? What do you think of the tendency? Take a minute to drop a comment, and we’ll appreciate it.

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