PlayStation Plus Games for February Include Real Megahits

PlayStation Plus Games for February Include Real Megahits on Blog

If you have been hoping for really big titles to arrive via PlayStation Plus, this February will surely get you satisfied. Sony spares no effort on making the service really worth the price, so in February, you’ll get access to more than you have been promised. Free as much time as you can, because there are five free games with PS Plus. It’s more than one could expect, even if we count the entire BioShock trilogy as one game. These feasts of incredible generosity may last, so if you haven’t got the membership, PS Plus gets even more attractive.

BioShock: The Collection – Classics Revisited

BioShock: The Collection screenshot

One of the most famous titles in the February bundle is BioShock, a single-player RPG-influenced shooter that featured innovative mechanics and visuals for its time. Hardly will it impress you now, though; the first game of the series was released in 2007 and was fully compatible with then-innovative PlayStation 3. The same goes out to its sequels: BioShock 2 (2010) and Bioshock: Infinite (2013).

But while visually the series can seem obsolete, the story is still wonderful. The dystopian underwater town populated with monsters, a levitating city, experiments of establishing the perfect society, atompunk cold war fears with dieselpunk noir roots and the stuff form a miraculous alternative XX century, the one inspired by sci-fi stories and nuclear danger warnings. In this story, you play for various heroes, fight inhuman monsters and find inhuman friends, encounter religious fanatics and secular utopians, and see their dreams going nightmarish.

It’s a shame the series received no major remaster (like Resident Evil, a much more straightforward franchise), and, as great as it is, BioShock hardly will make you find your PlayStation 3 in the attic and rewire it. But with The Collection you don’t have to: it’s fully compatible with PS4, visual changes, though, being cosmetic.

The idea makes even more sense if you have never played any of BioShock titles. The first game provides about 20 hours of gameplay. The second installment is a bit shorter, with 10-12 hours. Finally, BioShock: Infinite will take you some 15 hours. February is not the longest month, but if you get into it, you can finish all three games before it ends and proceed to the March free games.

The Sims 4: Real Life Isn’t Enough

The Sims™ 4 Realm of Magic screen

If you are into life simulators, you may already have purchased both the core game and the extensions you want. But if you haven’t yet, you may want to taste it within your PlayStation Plus subscription this February. Contrasting to the futuristic and terrifying Bioshock, The Sims 4 by Maxis and EA is the game that gets the kicks for you from emulating everyday life.

It’s one of the most successful games for PS4 and other platforms throughout the 2010s; released in 2014, it was still demanded enough to get a console release three years later. The publisher still provides free and paid DLC packs, so the game constantly gets fresher. Along with your basic house, job, clothes, furniture, garden, social activity and so on, you get expansion packs that send you out to the university or to an exotic island to spend a vacation.

One of the greatest reasons why people play The Sims 4 with such fun is that it’s basically an adult version of doll games. Dolls can take any roles you want to assign to them. But their design assumes certain rules, and the more complicated they are, the more attractive the game is. Sims are, in fact, digital dolls in the most advanced dollhouses ever invented or built.

Another attractive feature of The Sims 4 is that it helps you visualize your dreams. The life you build in The Sims may resemble your real circumstances, but most players prefer making it perfect from scratch. The house you consider the best for you, the job of your dreams, the vacation in the most enchanting place, the love of your life, the family you wanted to live in, and all the dream stuff gets available in The Sims. That’s why purchasing all those virtual items may pay in full; it’s easier to build your dream when you have seen it.

If you want to give it a try, though, you will have to spend more than just an evening with it. Games like The Sims 4 start delivering real fun after you give them several weeks or even months. So prepare: if you get in, it will be a part of your life, your recreation, and your meditation.

Firewall Zero Hour: A Reason to Try PSVR

Firewall Zero Hour screenshot

This February free PS Plus games include one VR title. If you have been eager to try PSVR for long, but didn’t want to without decent games, here is a reason to save a bit on it and experience the Sony take on virtual reality. It’s one of the rare tactical shooters with multiplayer features; in the VR environment, it’s especially immersive.

The game features realistic weapons that both look and sound solid, feeling very convincing. The environment is interactive, providing arenas for 4v4 PvP battles. The developers took all they could from VR features. If you quit your VR experience when the games were mostly demos, it’s time to return and reconsider.

While the game itself is free for the whole February, your PlayStation Plus subscription will still be required for multiplayer even after you purchase it. So, if you decided to keep your subscription anyway, Firewall Zero Hour becomes even more attractive. 

A Month to Decide

All these deals on PS Plus remain active until March 2, 2020. You still have time to decide which of these games are of interest to you and download them. Before they arrive, you have Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator, the two free games of January.

Are you on PlayStation Plus, or just planning to subscribe? Do you play the free games often? Are they the games you’d like to buy if there was no offer? Have you played BioShock, or are you still with The Sims 4? Do you own a PS VR headset to enjoy Firewall Zero Hour? Drop your comment to share your feelings and expectations.

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