Pac-Man Guide: When Was Pac-Man Invented, How to Play, and Other Related Questions

Pac-Man Guide: When Was Pac-Man Invented, How to Play, and Other Related Questions on Blog

Although the dawn of the gaming industry is now, many cool and incredible games were created when it was just in its infancy. One such game is Pac-Man that was initially released in 1980. The creator of Pac-Man is a Japanese game developer Namco. It was originally named Puck Man, but the developers decided to change it to Pac-Man for the worldwide release. The title is referred to as a maze arcade game where players need to eat all the dots inside the maze and avoid colored Pac-Man ghosts. Like any other arcade game, this title features a lot of hidden tips and unobvious actions. What tips? Read on! Here is an Ultimate Pac-Man guide! 

Pac-Man Gameplay

If you are not familiar with Pac-Man gameplay, here is a short overview. The game consists of:

  • Pac-Man: the character that you need to navigate
  • Pac-Dot: the dots you need to gather as many as possible; 
  • Pac-Man ghost: the creatures you need to avoid. 

All the events occur in a maze. As you are moving, you can meet four colored-ghosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. All the gameplay is divided into stages. To complete a stage, a player needs to eat all the dots. Also, you have several lives that you can lose every time a ghost touches your character. As soon as all lives are spent, the game will end. Commonly, you are given three lives, but this number can be changed if you, for example, obtain 10000 points. 

Also, there is an opportunity to eat your enemies as simple dots. Near the corners of a maze, you can find four flashing energizers that allow you not only to eat ghosts but also earn bonus points:

  • 200 for eating one ghost;
  • 400 for eating two ghosts;
  • 800 for thee;
  • 1600 for four. 

Those were the most basic rules of the Pac-Man gameplay which can give you an idea of how to play the game. Notice, Pac-Man is available on several platforms but this list does not include Pac-Man Xbox 360 version or Microsoft Windows. 

Next, let’s move to the tips you can get handy while passing the levels. For this, we advise you to use pattern theories. If you follow them, we’re sure that you can eat all the dots and avoid the ghosts’ touches. The first pattern is Cherry. 

Cherry: The First Pattern

Pack-man Cherry screenshot

Look at the picture above. Here you can notice four big letters A, B, C, and D. Later, we will explain what they mean. So, to start to follow this pattern you need to go left once the stage begins. Then move to the letter A. Make sure you eat all the dots, and after that, move to the B letter. Here is where all the actions start. Three colored ghosts will be coming at you in this place. To survive, you need to quickly navigate to letter C and eat the energizer to kill the enemies. Note that you can eat here only three monsters, the fourth will move to the bottom of the screen. Chase him, kill, and earn 1600 points. Also, do not forget that you can do it only while he is blue. Once he changed the color, you are not able to do it. After that, move to the last station — D. Here you will face the monsters too. Eat the Energizer to kill them, and eat all the dots. 

Mid-fruit: The Second Pattern

Here the game begins to take on interesting twists and turns, and its complexity grows significantly. The mid-fruit pattern works with three screens:

  • Cherry;
  • Strawberry;
  • Peach. 

The first notable thing is that the ghosts do not stay blue (which means you can eat them) as long as it was in a Cherry pattern. Secondly, the scores given for the eaten fruit will increase. And the last thing is your speed that rises too. Below, there is a scheme for your actions in the maze. It is very similar to the scheme shown above. 

Pack-Man Strawberry screenshot

So, here you also need to turn left and move to the letter A. Eat all the dots, and then retrace the steps on this bottom line. Move to B. As in Cherry pattern, you shouldn’t hesitate here, the monsters are chasing you. Go to the C station and quickly eat the energizer. After that, you can eat three ghosts. The fourth will try to go from you, follow him to eat and earn the desired points. Do not forget about his color: once it returns to black, you can’t eat it anymore. Move to D. If you didn’t have time to eat the fourth monster, then find energizer in the top right corner and eat him. Then collect all the dots and fruits. 

Apple: The Third Pattern

Pack-Man Apple screenshot

This is the last pattern you need to know. Here, you need to always keep in mind that the time ghosts are staying blue is very short: you have time to eat only one or two ghosts. The scores for eaten fruits will be raised. Again, look at the picture below and let’s explore all the letter stations in detail. 

Like in all previous patterns, turn left at the beginning of the stage. Then, you probably notice that now you can clear only half of the bottom row, and then you need to move up and return to B station. Such movements allow you to confuse monsters and lead them astray. Once you do this, move towards the letter C. Here you need to quickly collect all the dots and fruits to gather as many points as you can.  On the D station, you most likely face the monster. Our advice is to let him go past under you. Then, chase the ghost but do not overtake him. Then, you are ready to go through the tunnel. At this point, around 80% of the maze will be clear from dots. If you wish, you can turn back and collect them. 

More Tricks and Tips

Pac-Man is a very popular game. Therefore, if you browse on the Internet, you can find a lot of additional tips. Moreover, the game has some Pac-Man arcade games sequels. But, overall, these tricks will help you to win all of them. 

Pack-Man maze screen

Look at the maze above. Notice A and C letters? There are zones where you need to spend the least amount of time as possible. We marked them as Danger Zones. The tunnels or B areas zones can be used as a lifebuoy because they slow down ghosts going through, and you can get a little bit of time. But do not stay here for a long time, the monsters will reveal your plans and block your access to the tunnel. Do you know that the game has one secret place where you can hide from enemies during the Cherry Mid-fruit phases? Go to the D area when the enemies are looking away from you. If you are staying here, the monsters will not be able to see you and will be forced to roam the maze, repeating the same path. 

The last advice: take your time. The game does not limit you in time to pass the level. The monsters do not become faster or smarter. Pac-Man is about your patience to learn the basic principles and strategies. 

Do You Google Pac-Man Best Results? 

In the last section, we have prepared for you a little portion of motivation. For now, you know the Pac-Man gameplay and all the tips you need to win the game. What’s next? Training, training, and more training. Here are examples of people who can really boost their game skills. To tell the truth, we do not know how much time they spent to achieve these results, but their scores are impressed. Esports player Billy Mitchel was the first person who achieved 3,333,360 points. It means that he gathered the maximum score (ate all the dots, fruits, and enemies) on the first 255 levels without losing his life, and used all the extra lives to collect as many points as possible on level 256. His record was broken by David Race who managed to get through the whole game almost twice as fast, 3 hours, 28 minutes and 49 seconds. However, there are no people who can go through level 256. In 1999, Billy Mitchell even provided a prize of $100,000 to anyone who could complete this level before January 1, 2000. But the money was left in Billy Mitchell’s hands. 

Learned Something New? Share Your Winning Strategies!

Pac-Man screenshot

Now, even if you are a newcomer, you know a lot of information about the Pac-Man game. You are familiar with the development history: so there’s no more when was Pac-Man invented questions!. Secondly, you know the gameplay. Here is the summary:

  • Your task is to control Pac-Man through the maze;
  • During the journey, eat all the dots and fruits — it will add to your scores;
  • Avoid the touches with ghosts. By eating the energizers, you can kill them and earn bonus points;
  • Once you eat all the dots, the level is finished. 

The game features 256 levels, and there is no person who passed the last stage. Who knows, maybe after reading our article, you will start to boost your game skills and become this person. All in your hands! As the Pac-Man is an arcade game, the people who play it very often start to notice some patterns that can help them to win the game. In our article, we discuss three of them: Cherry, Mi-Fruit, and Apple. And now share your winning strategies in the comments below. It is a very interesting read.

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