Everything You Need to Know about Bees in Minecraft

Everything You Need to Know about Bees in Minecraft on Blog

The most popular blocky sandbox game in the world has introduced more living creatures recently. And now you have more reason to call it sweet because now it has bees. Yes, these bees are as blocky as everything in the world of Minecraft, but they deliver honey and other gameplay elements previously unseen. So, let it all bee Minecraft!

Doo-Bee-Doo-Bee-Doo, What Does a Bee Do?

Though it might be a funny idea to play as a bee, these insects are all passive mobs. They live in nests, fly around, collect pollen from plants, produce honey, and sting when irritated. Like their real prototypes, they also buzz. Logically, they are arthropods.

Their behavior can seem familiar to you, as they strongly resemble bats. It’s Minecraft, these conventions are alright in here. The bees, though, only fly a few blocks above the ground, high enough to pollinate plants.

Where Bees Live in Minecraft

bee near flowers in minecraft

So, where can one find bees in Minecraft? Search for them where flowers are. This means they spawn in Plains, Sunflower Plains, and Flower Forest Biomes. Their nests in the wild can be found in oak or birch trees. 

One nest can house 2 or 3 bees. A wild bee lives in a nest where it returns each night or after it starts raining. When a bee returns to the nest, it takes it 2 minutes (or 2400 game ticks) to have a rest and fly out again. 

As the world is generated, bee nests are spread throughout it automatically. But if you have saved a world before the 1.15 update, you need to open new chunks, so, as they are generated, bee nests also get included.

How to Treat Wild Bees?

queen bee screenshot

If you are not paying them any conscious attention, it’s enough not to irritate them. It’s also ecological: a bee sting harms both you and the bee that loses its stinger and dies after that. If you attack one bee, you’ll have all the swarm around you on the attack; so you better don’t.

Other bots, though, can still attack bees and be struck back. The problem is that an angered swarm attacks everything around it, including your character. So you better run away when caught in a bot showdown with bees involved. If the bee is angry, you can see it by its red eyes. If you still want to fight a swarm (or have no choice), get the Bane of Arthropods enchantment upon your sword to increase the damage.

It takes literally any tool or none at all. Just hit it with anything, including your fist. An axe, though, will do it best. Another way to get bees out of the nest is by making a campfire underneath it. Otherwise, the swarm will attack you, and you’ll have to run or fight.

As wild as they get, bees can be domesticated. It takes flowers to get them where you want. Give two bees flowers, and they will produce a baby bee (yes, it’s a simplification as well). In five minutes, the parent bees will be ready to work again, and in twenty minutes, the baby will grow into an adult bee. Any flower one or two blocks high is good for this.

What Use Are Bees?

Like in real life, in Minecraft forestry bees produce honey by collecting pollen and processing it in their nests. So they can be useful if you intend to use honey as a resource. There is a possibility to leash bees, so they sort of obey you. Even when leashed, though, bees can get angry and attack you. 

If you’re going for bees in Minecraft, be sure to wear a flower in your hand. It will attract them, so they will follow you. As you stop, so do they, resting on the ground until you move on. And if you just want them buzzing and flying somewhere away, you can lead them away from your place the same way: with a flower.

Here is a brief tutorial on how to breed bees in Minecraft.

  1.     Craft a hive out of three honeycombs and six planks.
  2.     Get bees there.

As a bee with a load of pollen enters its nest or hive, it gets +1 honey. Then you need to use a glass bottle to collect the honey from there. The emptied hive or nest is ready for reuse. Otherwise, you can use shears on a full nest or hive to produce three honeycombs, useful for crafting another hive then. Anyway, the bees will get angry with such a robbery. To calm them down, you’ll need to set a campfire not further than five blocks from it, or right under it. There should be no other blocks between the hive/nest or the campfire.

Producing honey isn’t the only job bees can do. They can also pollinate wheat, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, beetroots, melons, and sweet berry bushes. It takes one bee to fertilize ten crops when they carry pollen, and it increases your crops. When you know how to make a bee farm, Minecraft exposes its new features.

For pollination, it takes sunny weather. In the daytime, when it doesn’t rain, bees fly out of the nest or the hive. Then they explore the terrain for flowers, and, after finding an attractive one, the bee flies around it to collect the pollen. These bees are told by spots and pollen particles.

Honey Influence on the Gameplay

honey block screenshot

Introducing bees has some consequences that affect the overall gameplay. First of all, it adds some new items with their unique properties and abilities.

Honey Bottle is the item you can drink and get three hunger points and 2.4 saturation. It also heals you from poisoning (including that caused by bee stings). It can also be reworked into sugar.

Honey Blocks require four Honey Bottles. These blocks have some specifics. First of all, they capture blocks positioned on top of them. When you move a Honey block with a piston, the block above it will be moved too unless it’s immobile, like bedrock or obsidian. There are exceptions, though: slime and glazed terracotta are too heavy to be caught, so they remain.

Entities caught with honey blocks move slower and can’t jump. It still works through carpets, daylight detectors, and bottom-half stabs. Pressure pads and ladders cannot be put on the unstable Honey Blocks. On the other hand, if you happen to fall onto a Honey Block, your damage is only 20% of what you might have. Jumping from its egde can be either as high as usual or reduced.

Some Trivia

The current Minecraft bees update was inspired by the World Wildlife Foundation. With some simplification, the insects are displayed ecologically correctly. This Minecraft bee tutorial is meant to help you to make use of these insects and avoid damage from mistreating them. 

Not that it’s a new idea. First mods featuring bees were here in 2013 or even earlier. But in 2020, the bees mod Minecraft received earlier is replaced with the official update.

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