Cuphead Makes It Big on Nintendo Switch

Cuphead Makes It Big on Nintendo Switch on Blog

In 2019, one of the most unusual platformers of the 2010s got available on Nintendo Switch. As the year is over, the Japanese company published its Top 25 most downloaded games. It’s pleasantly surprising to see the indie hit in Top 5!

Cuphead in the Clouds

Nintendo Switch has always been a very special console, with its half-exclusive world. It’s a home for games by Nintendo, mostly exclusive for its own hardware. As for even AAA titles by other vendors, they make it to Switch a year or two after they’re available on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

So it happened to Cuphead, a huge indie hit released in 2017 for Windows and Xbox One. It took about 18 months to port Cuphead to Switch. And, only released in April 2019, it got popular enough to enter the Top 5, leaving numerous AAA titles and Nintendo exclusives behind. Only Minecraft, Fortnite, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate managed to outrun the insolent indie.

The Story

Cuphead is one of the flourishing “new platformers”, combining traditional platforming adventures with run-and-gun style. Thus, it mirrors the most typical genres of the Golden Age, with visuals also a bit retro. It feels organic on Nintendo Switch, given that Nintendo was one of the major contributors when the Golden Era style was being shaped.

The new platformers are usually ironic and absurd, and so is Cuphead. It takes gaming conventions to the extreme, especially that claiming “everything is possible”. If it’s fun, of course. Cuphead follows Super Meat Boy and other indie platformers, combining an absurd story with hard but rewarding gameplay. It feels quite good with both touch controls and Joy-Cons, so no wonder Switch owners enjoy it.

Cuphead in Your Head?

Have you played Cuphead? Did you like it? Maybe even loved? What do you think granted it such a warm reception? Share what you think; we will appreciate your comments, and so will other readers!

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