Cuphead Gameplay: Tips and Hacks for Surviving

Cuphead Gameplay: Tips and Hacks for Surviving on Blog

Being an exceptionally difficult platformer/run & gun title with one-of-a-kind graphics, Cuphead may boil your blood to the very cells with its challenging levels. The Cuphead gameplay will make your controller scream for mercy as your every attempt not to die again and again will get more intense. Yep, the game is difficult, but with a little help from your friends (us) battling all the Cuphead bosses can actually get easier. Below, we’ve listed 10 Cuphead tips and hacks that will help you get it done.

Tip #1. Explore the basics early on.

Cuphead is a game that requires precision. Get to grips with controls, polish your character’s movements, and learn how to use weapons. Master the art of parrying, practice timing your jumps, make the most of your jump dash — exploring these mechanics is paramount for your survival.

Dashing is crucial, especially when you’re trying to avoid various items being thrown your way. When in doubt, use your dash. Make sure you discover your weapon of choice, combine it with another type of weapon, and learn how to quickly and effectively switch between them.

Tip #2. Let the failure wash over you.

Cuphead game screenshot

Whether you’re playing the Cuphead PS4 version or choose to enjoy the game on PC, you will die. A lot. The trick is to approach each death as a lesson, not a defeat. Upon first trying each stage, keep in mind that you will die, and instead of playing to beat the stage, find out how surviving works.

The game allows its players to use as many attempts to pass each level as you possibly can. Therefore, you have all the time in the world to explore the location of traps, focus on each enemy’s weaknesses, and easily predict the timing of the most challenging attacks.

Tip #3. Adjust the controls.

The default Cuphead controls are junky. They position jumping, shooting, secondary fire, and dashing all on the face buttons. We recommend that you customize the default controls if you want to play to your utmost best. For example, map the shoot button and the switch-between-weapons button to your controller’s trigger. It will allow you to jump, shoot, and switch weapons at the same time — with much more ease and comfort.

Tip #4. Practice parrying.

You parry when you jump into an attack, and then bounce off. Parrying is a very handy defense move that contributes to building your special Cuphead power meter. It’s crucial for your success, so make sure you practice parrying limitlessly. Do it on early stages — somewhere you’re most comfortable. That way, you won’t compromise your progress.

Whenever an attack glows with neon pink, parry it. To parry, jump into the pink, press/tap jump again, and that’s about it. Your parrying attempts end up successful if you manage to time the second jump with utmost precision and accuracy. Use the maneuver as often as you can so that you master the art of a successful parry.

Tip #5. Find as many coins as possible.

cuphead game screenshot

When playing Cuphead, you can buy guns and buffs from a specialized store. To make purchases, you need coins. Typically, coins are hidden throughout each game stage and displayed on the gaming map as tiny interactive marks. To be able to make the most necessary purchases, make sure you invest your time in finding all the coins within each game stage.

Tip #6. Make reasonable purchases.

All Cuphead bosses vary depending on their typical movements, attacking styles, and the main directions they attack from. The game boasts a wide variety of weapons, therefore, you get to try them all out and opt for the best combinations. Play through several stages with different weapons, and see what works best for you.

Find your weapon of choice through experiment and observation. Do your best to make reasonable purchases throughout the game, though. For example, in our view, a buff that helps Cuphead avoid damage while dashing is a must-buy. This power is crucial, for it gives you the possibility to dodge bullets and foes with ease and speed.

Tip #7. Approach charms wisely.

If you want to make the best out of your playstyle, use your charms strategically for each boss fight. Alternatively, if you’re in the defense mode, equip a heart charm to increase your hit points by one. This skill requires observation, practice, and, naturally, some time.

Tip #8. Complete run and gun levels.

You know that these levels are optional. However, completing them grants you the possibility to collect more coins. More coins give you more weapons and powers. Persuasive enough, wouldn’t you agree? Then make sure you heed this advice when playing Cuphead.

Tip #9. Keep calm and think ahead.

cuphead game screenshot

You don’t always have to jump around and shoot endlessly whenever you’re attacked by a boss. Instead, study the boss’s attack patterns, and wait it out in a safe place or just run away whenever possible. It’s a run and gun game, so you’re absolutely free to follow this pattern on your way to success. At the same time, once you explore the game’s nuances, don’t hesitate to jump and shoot endlessly whenever it is most reasonable to do so.

Tip # 10. Think outside the box.

Whenever you lack progress, take into account the secondary perks of each weapon’s characteristic feature. What can they give you? How can you use each gun beyond its primary functions? If you find answers to these questions, chances are high you will die less often throughout the game. In other words, think outside the box and consider alternative solutions if you want to succeed when playing Cuphead.

The Ultimate Cuphead Tip: Don’t Let the Brutal Difficulty Discourage You

A punishing yet incredibly satisfying, the Cuphead game is a bullet hell combined with the stunning and perfectly recreated aesthetics of 1930s cartoons. The game screams nostalgia. It will remind you of Casper, Contra, Donald — the long-gone-but-never-forgotten era when your life was just simply happy.

Both the bosses and the Cuphead game levels are very challenging. Sometimes it may take you 30 or more times to complete each level. So if you’re just looking at the screenshots and haven’t tried Cuphead yet, don’t let the kiddy visuals mislead you. The game is hard. You will get stuck a lot.
Make sure you get Cuphead only if you’re into overcoming challenges over and over again to refine your style and ultimately win.

So, what about you? Have you already given this unforgiving yet brilliant game a try? What are the hardest levels for you? What type of weapon have you opted for? Based on your personal experience, what are the best tips to succeed at Cuphead Xbox One? Share your experience with other Cuphead fans in the comment box below. We appreciate feedback from our readers greatly.

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