Best Games 2019: Top 10 PC And Console Choices

Best Games 2019: Top 10 PC And Console Choices on Blog

The best games 2019 list can be long enough to get anyone confused. If you are not sure which games to choose to play now, this article is for you. Stop searching now, you’ve come to the right place. The year 2019 was full of amazing and interesting games for both console and PC platforms. And we still expect some of the games to appear before we enter 2020.

Waiting for Best Games 2019: Disappointments and Discoveries

This year we were eagerly waiting for Crackdown 3 and Anthem. And it turned out to be a major disappointment for some players. We did not expect to see Apex Legends as a major success of the year. And we can’t be happier to have it now. The year was rich in the events in battle royale worlds. We have faced improvements in PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and numerous adjustments to Fortnite Battle Royale. This year brought us extensions of Borderlands and Gears of War series. Both games turned out to be great.

It is natural that you want to pick the best of the best. And we are here for you. This list contains the highly praised games of the year, different by genres and gameplay. If you have something to add, don’t hesitate and write the names we’ve missed in the comments.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare screen

We have never lost hope to see the Call of Duty game hit the tops. The Modern Warfare promises the bright future to Call of Duty series, turning back audience, and being named the most popular video game 2019. The graphics are stunning in its realness. The speed of the game does not wait for anyone and does not forget your faults. Multiplayer modes allow multiple players to enter the game.

New Call of Duty game tests your moral limits, tries boundaries with its darker scenarios. The ray tracing from Nvidia frees all the shadows and reflections you wanted to see, improving the picture. Every step seems so real that you will have to think twice before doing something. You wanted a war without censorship, you receive one. Are you sure you are ready for a horrible reality?

Death Stranding

Death Stranding screenshot

Death Stranding is an absolute favorite of the year. The action-adventure with an open world developed by Kojima Productions deserves your attention without a doubt. And we still have not said anything about the astonishing cast. The one and only Norman Reedus as the main character Sam Porter Bridges, joined by Mads Mikkelsen, Guillermo del Toro, and Lea Seydoux, are someone worth seeing.

The narrative in the story is smooth and solid. You will dive into a story and has to continue it on your own. Prepare for emotional moments, amazing acting and unforgettable characters. At the same time, the mechanics of the game are complex and challenging. The game has incredible visuals and a unique style. So, join the delivery man Sam Bridges in his journey right now!

Gears 5

Gears 5 screenshot

The Coalition knows how to makes fans happy. Its Gears series received the sequel to Gears of War 4. And if we are talking about best games 2019 here, Gears 5 breathtaking third-person shooter is one of the first games that must be mentioned. You may be lured by four modes, well-developed campaign, co-op and multiplayer. You will have access to the best arsenal in series. And let’s not forget that perfect shooting mechanics is the reason we love this game.

There is still a way to improve all the details of the narrative and possibly create a better open world. Perhaps it is just a start for the next Gear. Yet, the game that extends the story of Kait Diaz who can’t forgive her mother’s death. The plot is twisting and getting thicker. You will see the inner struggle, family problems and the new threat to humankind.


FIFA 20 screenshot

FIFA 20 can proudly be called the most played game 2019 among sports games. The game is part of the FIFA series, made by EA. This time developers improved the game significantly. They brought Volta Soccer and made the pace enjoyable.

If you like a piece of good music during the game, you will love the electric soundtrack to FIFA 20. Lots of modifiers make the gameplay more diverse. While there were only slight improvements in its graphics, FIFA 20 is still one of the most beautiful sports games. FIFA 20 has the best features of previous games and the new unexpected ones added recently.


control game screenshot

Control is one of the biggest revelations in 2019. It was developed by Remedy Entertainment, creators of the Max Payne series. Control is a third-person shooter. And while this genre is apparently on-demand this year, it is not what makes the game so great. Control has an incredibly strong and well-developed plot and the main character Jesse Faden whom we can’t admire and love more. She is looking for her brother Dylan and is ready to destroy every obstacle on her way.

The graphics of the game are amazing and worth mentioning in the first place. With stunning visuals, adorable protagonist, and lots of shooting, the game is one of its kind. There will be lots of paranormal activities, forces, both good and bad. And while the game starts slow, the pace is rising and getting intense with the rise of your own skills.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 screenshot

This first-person shooter is a sequel to Borderlands 2 and a part of Borderlands series. Gearbox Software developers stick to their original concept and do not change much in the gameplay. What they actually changed is new locations, adjusted weapon arsenal, varied ending. They went deeper exploring the RPG part in the game, and it significantly raised the number of their fans.

Borderlands are back at Pandora. And everything looks brighter, better, and the loot is bigger. It is hard to stay away from new guns and new super abilities. Critics already named new Borderlands the best in a row. If you loved previous Borderlands games, you will admire this one.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshot

A great RPG developed by Square Enix is something we all desperately wanted this year. Kingdom Hearts 3 is not the third game in the series, but 12th, and is being called the end of Dark Seeker heroic saga. You will see your favorite characters reunited together with Sora. Five million copies of the game sold during the first week say more about the game than any review.

The game extends its audience to Disney and Final Fantasy fans. Our favorite worlds unite and bring you numerous side quests. The level of challenges is rising with every success. The game offers new combat features. And while it was almost impossible to imagine Disney and Final Fantasy together, everything looks surprisingly natural. Join Guardians of Light little army and fight Xehanort and his evil plans.

Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

Resident Evil 2 screenshot

If you were looking for hair-rising and bloodcurdling horror game 2019, Resident Evil 2 is here for you. It is better, it is advanced, and it will scare the hell out of you. This horror survival game is part of the Resident Evil series. It has incredibly realistic graphics that you could definitely admire if you would not be so terrified. Still, there are RE Engine landscapes, so to let you know. Take some time to explore the environment.

The game is a remake of its 1998 original. So, you return to Raccoon City. You can meet your favorite Leon Kennedy, the police officer, or Claire Redfield, the student. Pick one of them and try to survive another end of the world arranged by zombies. The new edition stays close to the original story. And if you are familiar with it, you know how everything ends.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends screenshot

It is hard to believe that Apex Legends is among the new battle royale games 2019. It looks like it has always been here. From its release in February, Apex Legends gained enormous popularity among not only battle royale fans, but players from across the world. The gameplay is entertaining and fast, and the graphics are bright and attractive.

Apex Legends appeared out of nowhere and quickly came to the one line with PUBG and Fortnite. This battle royale shooter is often compared to Fortnite and PUBG by critics. It receives positive reviews from everywhere. And some reviewers believe that it is better than other battle royale games in many ways.\

Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn screenshot

The first-person shooter and action-adventure mix, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, is a spin-off to the Far Cry series. To quickly jump into gameplay, it is required to play Far Cry 5 before, as New Dawn is a sequel to this game. You have the same map as in the 5th game and can explore Montana’s Hope County open world.  But don’t worry! Developers have done a great job. Settings are more fun and vivid this time. There are numerous crafting possibilities. And if you prefer to explore this world, you will receive an unforgettable experience.

Far Cry New Dawn was apparently made to fix the general impression of Far Cry 5. You have to go back to the same good old place and rebuild it. You will see your favorite characters as well. The new game gives us hope about the Far Cry series.

Extra Bonuses

There are many other games that are worth mentioning here. It appears that we also can’t name only 10 games. There are a few more games that are hard to ignore.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice screenshot

We could not simply miss this one. Sekiro is the latest creation of FromSoftware. This action-adventure brings you to medieval Japan with its incredible beauty of the Sengoku period, and the toughness of samurai clan wars. Your main character Wolf has to free his master and revenge the clan who captured him. It is not the easiest task, and there will be lots of challenges on his way.

It is up to you whether to help Wolf and join the game. But those who joined this world full of magic, ancient traditions, tales, unique way of life, do not really want to come back. Take a good look at a combat system that is fast and smooth at the same time.

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 screenshot

The action takes place 5 years after the events in Devil May Cry 4. And if you are not familiar with the Devil May Cry series somehow, it is the time to do it. Capcom developers definitely know how to attract the audience with magnificent pictures and lots of magic. While you still meet Nero and Dante warriors with extra abilities, there is a new character in town. His name is V, and he is equally cool as the other two. There are numerous combats you can take part in and an amazing world to explore. As a pleasant bonus, you a great soundtrack you did not expect to find in the game.


Dauntless screenshot

RPG Dauntless from Phoenix Labs is another discovery of this year. It was released just recently, in September 2019, but gained enormous popularity among gamers. The reasons for success can be several. For example, its astonishing magical fantasy world or the creatures that dwell in it. Even monsters look breathtaking. Yes, they eat humans, and you have to kill them, but look how good looking they are.

The game is challenging, and you always have to keep up with your stamina and health indicators, while attacking Behemoths. Still, these moments are rewarding. You have a noble goal to save all the people, and you may feel yourself a true hero at the end of the day. It has its Monster Hunter similarities. But there are also differences like cross-play, and the free of charge formula.

What’s Next?

While the 2019 year is generous with players, we have high hopes for 2020. It starts with a fairytale-like Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Final Fantasy 7, Nioh 2, Doom, Wasteland 3, The Last of Us 2, Avengers, and ends with Overwatch 2, and Gods and Monsters. There are too many games that will be in-between. We will miss the best games of 2019, but we can’t wait to play new games that will be released in 2020. There are just too many amazing representatives of their genres. If you are waiting on some specific game, tell about it in the comments below.

Write to us about which game was your favorite in 2019. It does not even have to be released in 2019. And while apparently, it is too hard for us to make a choice and pick one of the lists above to name it’s the best game of the year, you can do it! To make it even mention which genre is your favorite as well. Which one do you love the best: Apex Legends? Sekiro? Borderlands 3 or maybe Kingdom Hearts 3? There are always new games you can play. Pick those you have not to try and check them out before the new year comes. Share your impressions of the game here, with us.

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