An Upcoming Fortnite Creative Mode Will Let You Save Lives For Once

An Upcoming Fortnite Creative Mode Will Let You Save Lives For Once on Blog

Always innovative, Fortnite has always been about killing and deploying, building and destroying. Now it introduces a new creative mode with lifesaving options. The player represents a Red Cross medicine man who literally resurrects the killed.

The idea is quite a paradox, but Fortnite is loved just for doing illogical things. In this mode, the entire gameplay will look quite different. This may be the salvation for those tired of playing to be the last one standing.

Red Cross Here, Instead of Crosshair

With the famous Red Cross on, on this mission, you are here to save lives. Little detail is known so far, but the game will take place on the regular map, probably in the heat of the fight fought by other players.

This means that Fortnite is evolving into a platform rather than a single game. It’s a multiplayer world with various players on various missions, sometimes helping each other, sometimes fronting. Tim Sweeney, the Epic CEO, confirms that and announces even more creative tools, so they can introduce new modes of the game. It will be fun to see them interfere.

Try It

The mode will be presented on January 17-19, during PAX South, in San-Antonio, Texas. The attendees will have a chance to play this new mode and share their thoughts. And we would like to hear your opinion, even if you’re not planning to go there, but still, have something to say in comments. Feel free to express yourself!

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