5 Best Cuphead Alternatives

5 Best Cuphead Alternatives on Blog

Cuphead is the most popular representative of platformer run and gun genre. It is simple and funny, and you don’t have to waste your time on keeping up with a twisted, deeply meaningful with modern art references. Cuphead has impressive graphics, inspired by 1930s cartoons, vivid and well-designed. And of course, we understand why you are looking for Cuphead alternatives to spend autumn evenings with.

Cuphead or Cuphead Alternatives?

This is a good question. Why not mix the experience? While you are waiting for 2020 DLC called The Delicious Last Course, you may search for a similar genre, graphics or gameplay. Here, we don’t promise you the same game wrapped differently. And you may have more suitable games like Cuphead on your mind. If you do have something to share, welcome to the comments section below.

To stay objective, we had to compare all the games we played and know. We used three main indicators: graphics, genre, gameplay. It has to have similarities in at least two indicators. But if the game has only one indicator that is extremely similar to Cuphead, this works as well. The games on the list are placed in random order.
Anyway, if you miss this charm of the 1930s, and you want to find simplicity in your life, you are a true Cuphead fan. This is a 2D masterpiece which helps us to relax. And yet, that does not mean that there are no better games than Cuphead. So find your own alternative to Cuphead here.

Jotun: Valhalla

Jotun: Valhalla game screenshot

Platforms: PS4, Windows, Linux, Nintendo Switch, macOS, Wii U, Xbox One.

Made by Thunder Lotus Games in 2015, the game is a love song to Scandinavian mythology and all arcade games in the world. Unlike other Cuphead alternatives, this story has a plot. You become a Thora, the woman from Vikings tribe who has recently died. Her death was not the glorious one, and now she has to find her way to Valhalla via numerous challenges.

The main enemies of Thora are giants called Jotun. They have extra powers and do not mind to use magic on deceased souls. The game has fantastic graphics, which you could watch forever. Except, you can’t. Your enemies will not wait, and all the puzzles must be solved. This gain is not the easiest one. And yet, in the end, you receive lots of satisfaction.

Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine game screenshot

Platforms: Windows, Linux.

Rise & Shine was made in 2016 for Windows and Linux platforms. So, technically, this game appeared before the Cuphead. It has amazing vivid graphics that you may appreciate and gameplay similar to Cuphead, but more advanced in a few ways. For example, Rise & Shine has numerous references to pop culture. The game literally consists of such references.

If you thought that Cuphead's secret achievements were great, check the increasing toughness of levels. They combine the best of the shooter, run and gun, and puzzle-platformer genres. You don’t only have to shoot fast. You also have to build a winning strategy quickly. You will have to fight against bosses, an army of robots, wheels of death, and zombies. Kill them all to survive.

Slain: Back From Hell

Slain: Back From Hell game screenshot

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS.

Before the Slain: Back From Hell became popular and praised by critics it was Slain!, highly criticized game in action platformer genre. It kept the genre and its heavy-metal atmosphere but was re-launched. Wolf Brew Games developers re-launched it in 2016, a year after the first unlucky attempt.

The graphics are somewhat gloomy and pixel-ish. It looks like an old school action came straight from the 90s. You may also see similar attributes of 90s games there, including vital indicators, fireballs, and rivers of blood from skeletons (yep, we noticed the problem here). Anyway, the music is great, and the whole game is interesting, with its numerous challenges that appear on your way. Just keep the same pace, as it is really fast.

Guns Gore & Cannoli

Guns Gore & Cannoli game screenshot

Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS.

This is an amazing action game about mafia’s daily life. So, of course, there are tons of fights and killings. The main attraction of the game is its hand-drawn graphics. The game is filled with all stereotypes about the mafia. The action happens in the 1920s, the times of the height of Prohibition. Crazy Monkey Studios developers made their best to save the atmosphere of roaring twenties. But if you believe that mafia is not enough for you, meet zombies.

There is a non-stop shooting and fighting going on. You have to survive, kill as many as you can, and jump from one level to another. Don’t waste your time checking out amazing 2 D graphics, you can do it later. There is an opportunity to play with 4 of your friends, forming a powerful alliance.


Furi game screenshot

Platforms: Windows, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One.

Furi is another great Cuphead alternative. It was made in 2016 by The Game Bakers in a mix of genres: action, hack and slash, shoot em up. It may look like the less suitable game on this list. But we believe this game belongs here due to numerous similarities in structure and boss fights.

You will have to fight a lot. There are numerous bosses with their own superpowers. The more skills you master, the stronger your enemy on the next levels is. Graphics look colorful but really far from Cuphead. There is a story behind the gameplay. So you don’t kill big bosses just because you can. No, you were imprisoned in floating jail and tortured. Once you freed by a weird stranger, you receive a gun and sword and fight for your freedom. Basically, you are killing your guards.

Which game is better?

In this review, we dropped such amazing Cuphead alternatives as Ikaruga, Contra III, Mega Man X, Super Meat Boy, Cave Story, Spelunky, and Titan Souls. They all are great but have fewer similarities with Cuphead free game than those five that we have mentioned. If you disagree with us, please name your own favorites here. You don’t have to search for all five replacements, we’re OK with just one.

Also, think about the top 3 alternatives to Cuphead. Which of them would you choose for the first, second and third places? Our vote goes for Rise & Shine, Jotun: Valhalla and Guns Gore & Cannoli. What about you?

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