2019 Game Awards on Steam: Valve Names the Winners

2019 Game Awards on Steam: Valve Names the Winners on Blog

As 2020 is beginning, the results of 2019 in the gaming industry are about to be told. Valve was probably the first to have a special announcement on this. So now we know which games are considered the best on Steam in various categories.

The Main Winners

Few doubted that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice would be the Game of the Year. This fighting story, set in Japan and full of Oriental mysticism, really deserves the acclaim it gets. So, it’s the winner of the most prestigious award.

As for VR Game of the Year, it’s Beat Saber. In fact, there was little competition in this section. Let’s hope the next year will deliver at least three or four VR games competing for this award.

GRIS is awarded for the Most Outstanding Visual Style. This game is really hard to confuse with any other. It’s a real masterpiece of shape and color over a sentimental story.

As for the best story, it’s A Plague Tale: Innocence, set in medieval France. Its stealth mechanics, fully integrated into the story, can really get you trembling with excitement and fear.

DayZ is the Better with Friends game of 2019. Its collaborative gameplay is really great for having fun with a party.

The Most Unusual Awards

Gaming is about creativity, and so is everything about gaming. No wonder that the categories Valve formed may seem strange, but they reflect the important factors in gaming.

For example, the famous GTA V is awarded as “The Labor of Love”. This means that the game, released in 2013, made it to PC in 2015, but remains playable until now, with more features added constantly, and support still going strong. As for Mortal Kombat XI, its award name is “Best Game You Suck At.” The most innovative gameplay in “My Friend Pedro” was reviewed as the craziest action game of the year.

Buy, Play, Write, Share

It’s even more important that all the awarded games can now be purchased with serious discounts, up to 50%. So hurry up and check whether you agree with the votes. And don’t forget to share your conclusions with us, in comments.

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